The Man in the Cinder Clouds Author Interview & Giveaway

As part of my series on editing, to include marketing in today’s environment, I’m interviewing author Rick J. Daley who wrote The Man in the Cinder Clouds and published as an indie author. His book is more than a great fairy tale about the origins of Santa Clause–it’s one of …

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Art in Writing: Illustrating a Point

Last week I interviewed author Amanda K. Taylor about her YA fantasy, Neiko’s Five Land Adventure, which she wrote at the young age of 16. Amazing. It’s even more amazing if you know the extent of her plans and the layers in her novel.   I asked Amanda for more …

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A K Taylor Author Interview Books & Chocolate Giveaway

Are you feeling adventurous? You must be, or you wouldn’t be here. You came to the right place because I have a great adventure for you today, starting with an interview of A. K. Taylor, the author of—(Native American drumroll)—  Neiko’s Five Land Adventure! I have a good reason for …

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Kindle your Fire with a Kindle Fire or $200!

Ooh, I love giveaways. My entire remaining Robert Jordan Wheel of Time novels, including 5 paperbacks and two brand new hardbacks, is going to my 200 follower contest winner Denise Zaky. That’s not all the good news by far. Charlotte Abel, author of the bewitching YA fantasy romance Enchantment,(check her …

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Help! I’ve been mindjacked!

What’s a mindjack, you ask? It’s a hijack of a very different sort, a mental takeover. It’s what I often wish I could do to get my hubby to get with my plan, but I’m a true zero, and that’s not mesh. Sorry if that sounds like Greek; I said …

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