A Foul Fowl Deed–True Story

Hi, all, Sher here with a true story. You might wonder what it has to do with books or writing until I get that far. See, I moved to a house with chickens. Real live chickens. There were twelve, all white Leghorns except one grayish hen, when we moved from …

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Cover Discussion with Laura Wright LaRoche

Hello everyone, Paul here again.  In a recent post I discussed the importance of book covers and whether or not they lead to sales. In case you missed it, you can read it here.  I also would like to take a moment to inform you of the spooky Fangs, Fur …

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Book Covers

Hello everyone, Paul here.  I wanted to give everyone a quick reminder.  Make sure you stop by Sher’s IWSG Post & Reading Clean Giveaway Hop with a chance to win some middle grade books written by yours truly. Be sure and visit all the other great family friendly blogs and …

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Marketing Tools That Didn’t Work…(the way I’d hoped)

Hi, Paul R. Hewlett here. It’s my turn to post and I’d like to talk about marketing. But first I wanted to leave a quick note.  Be sure to check out our current Back to the Books Giveaway Hop featuring 3 great new-release middle grade books, and visit all the …

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Market Yourself: Social Media for Writers

Social Media: Marketing your Writing Note: This is a talking paper for a lesson I teach to Emerald Coast Writers. Don’t expect it to talk by itself. I do that in person. But the links below speak for themselves. Social Media can help you build your writer’s platform. What’s a …

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