The Man in the Cinder Clouds Review (Santa Clause!)

Who could resist a book written by an elf about the origins of Santa Clause? I couldn’t, and I’m a little past (okay, way past) the target audience’s age. The book was a little like the Princess Bride, a story inside a story. In this case, I’d say nested Christmas …

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Help! I’ve been mindjacked!

What’s a mindjack, you ask? It’s a hijack of a very different sort, a mental takeover. It’s what I often wish I could do to get my hubby to get with my plan, but I’m a true zero, and that’s not mesh. Sorry if that sounds like Greek; I said …

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The Armor of Light Book Review

Read The Sapphire Flute by Karen Hoover before starting this book. The number of people introduced in the first three chapters is confusing if you’re not already familiar with the story, and besides, The Armor of Light begins where The Sapphire Flute left off.  I started book 2 thinking the …

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