An Agent who wants longer queries? Yes! Plus great book giveaways.

I received two rejections in one day yesterday, one from a query sent way back in July and one from a recent query critique contest. What a vast difference between the older established agent and the young one still building her list. The older agent to whom I sent my …

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What’s a Writer’s Platform? How not to fall off!

I heard the word “platform” a couple of years ago at a writers’ conference but never really understood what it meant. Sure, I got a vague notion it was about marketing, but I felt shaky about how to do so. Nobody ever defined “platform” in any subsequent workshop or conference, …

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Critique exchange for human bones! Can you dig it?

No, I’m not a murderer. I don’t have a stash of bones buried in my yard. You don’t get to dig my bones either. I’ll keep those, thanks. I just need a male critique partner or two (because I have a male main character) so I can make my bones …

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Request for male beta readers, crit partners & agentss

Hey, all you guys out there in writer land. First, I need male beta readers for my first middle grade SF book, Erth Won, and some long term critique partners for book 2 on out. With a Boy Scout main character, I need to make sure he acts like a …

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Critique My Query Contest

It feels so great to go from 6 followers to over 100 in the month since I joined Rachael Harrie’s Platform Building Campaign, I’m querulous. No, wait. I am not complaining or peevish about all my fabulous followers. I rejoice100% over you. It’s querying that makes me querulous. Don’t we all …

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