Cat or Dog for President? Please Vote!

Sher A Hart here. With the Dystopian Giveaway Hop winding down and the US presidential election coming up tomorrow, I’ve been worrying a lot about the state of our country, thinking it hasn’t changed for the better in the last four years. I don’t want a dystopia. I want a healthy economy and respect from the Middle East, two things I don’t think Obama can ever regain.  Previous success at balancing budgets is important to me, but most important is working towards the right things, and I think socialism is morally and economically destructive. Dystopia. Look across the pond if you don’t believe me. 

dys·to·pi·a: noun
A society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding.

On the other hand, my youngest sister wants contraceptives and abortions included in free health care. I think abortion is murder and shouldn’t be done except in cases of rape, incest, or serious danger to the mother’s health. But liberals call for choice in reproductive health, and they want my taxes to pay for it. I doubt women will have much choice about anything if our economy collapses like much of Europe’s. Freedom of speech is the first thing we’ll lose if a weak president who started his first term with an apology tour to the Middle East lets Muslims gain enough control to enforce Shariah Law. (Check current poll results for American Muslim beliefs here. And these aren’t even the terrorists.) Yet in spite of our opposite beliefs, my sister and I find common ground in family and we have fun together when I visit. Diplomacy hinges on finding common ground more than giving up your beliefs.

Cat or Dog for PresidentCat or Dog for President by Julia Dweck

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Today I’m reviewing a book with a diplomatic message, Cat or Dog for President, by talented author Julia Dweck. Her election sounds a lot more fun than the real one, although when Julia contacted me about her picture book I didn’t expect much. Agents dread getting rhyming picture book queries because most people can’t get the right rhythm in their rhymes. I know because I asked an agent. But I saw this book’s illustrations and loved them. When I got to the rhyming text, I gritted me teeth for one stanza and ended up smiling instead. The rhymes worked! They made sense, they were funny, and I loved the whole book. Reading was such fun I smiled all way through.

Then I went to visit my neighbor’s children to get their opinions. Too bad they were asleep after a birthday party. Oh, well. I bet your children will love Cat or Dog for President, and so will you.

Afterwards I got to thinking. I wouldn’t want my cat sitting in the oval office refusing to cooperate until somebody scratched his chin. He’s also easily distracted by anything that looks fun to chase, but at least he would jump to investigate anything that smells fishy. Then he would claw the furniture.

I don’t think my son’s dogs would do any better. The German Shepherd thinks it’s her job to jump on everyone and lick them to death. The Chocolate Lab is more disciplined and smarter but he’s easily bribed. Besides, tail wagging and fawning at people’s feet isn’t very presidential. In the end, the next president would have a big mess to clean up.

These aren’t the scenes in Julia’s book, so I highly recommend you see and read for yourself–for free, today (Nov 5, 2012), if you follow this Amazon linkEnjoy! I hope you leave a nice review. It should be honest but doesn’t have to be long or fancy. It’s the least you can do. Remember, writing is an author’s bread and butter and all that hard work deserves more than table scraps as payment. 

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Visit Julia Dweck’s Website: JuleLoves2Write

As for the real US presidential election, I voted early because disasters often strike at inconvenient times, and I didn’t want to miss my opportunity. I hope you take your opportunity and vote too. If you’re an American citizen and old enough to vote, it’s not just a right, it’s a responsibility. 

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Last but not least, I’d love to hear what you think as long as you’re nice about it. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Well, I’m in love with Cat Or Dog For President. I actually wish I could vote in that election!

    • Hi C.Lee!
      How have you been? I am also in love with Cat or Dog for President? What a great book. It’s especially perfect for the election. What a great way to teach kids about our great democratic process. And who better to deliver that message than these two beloved pets:)

      Paul R. Hewlett

    • Hey, C. Lee, good to see you here and I agree. But I got off pretty easy when I voted last week. There was only one person in line ahead of me at the Niceville City Hall so I was done in ten minutes and then went right into the library for critique group. Too bad they voted my chapter down, but that’s how we learn. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Hi Sher, we need a dog as president because Putin is code named Alpha Dog, now can a cat cut a deal with a dog? I think not, so a dog is the obvious answer. In regards to free speech an abortion I remember when Cindy Shehan was arrested for wearing a tshirt in Congress, so she had no freedom of speech whereas corporations do, so I agree with you that we shouldn’t allow two political parties to determine what is and is not constitutional. For abortion I suppose I am to libertarian because I don’t need the government telling me what to do, that’s my wife’s job, which she takes very seriously I can tell you. Great Blog Sher,bill

    • Hey, Bill, good to see your here! I never knew that code name. Maybe it’s a dog eat dog world after all, but I see my blog didn’t eat your comment so maybe there’s hope! I think your wife does a good job since you’re still the nicest guy I never met on twitter. Thanks for visiting and I’ll tweet you soon!

  3. Arrived at the voting center ten minutes before it opened this morning and only had to wait an hour before I was finished. Just think, ten more hours and I can umblock all those phone numbers for the political calls I’ve been getting.

    • Well, it’s all over. I hope the US can survive another 4 years of Obama as a free country. I agree about all those phone calls. I keep my land line because cell phones don’t get good coverage inside the house with radiant barrier house wrap that has metallic surfaces. I hope your NaNo venture is going well.

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