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No, I’m not rabid, and I’m not mad. Maybe a little nuts—for chocolate. So here’s the real deal. I’ve been looking for a better way to make my writing serve others ever since I started my blog. I finally found a great way to make it happen, thanks to this guy, R. S. Guthrie, RABMAD’s inventor. 
Before I explain RABMAD, I’m going to explain why I wanted to make my writing serve others. When I started my writer’s blog, I chose the slogan, “Care for a cause and have pun doing it” because I learned long ago that everyone needs to believe in and serve at least one worthy cause.  Otherwise our egos can get out of control and convince us we’re the most important person in the world. Narcissists and sociopaths follow that road. So did Ted Bundy, not to mention some politicians. ‘Nuff said.
I have more than one cause, maybe too many. I keep trying to make my time go farther so I can do more. Time just doesn’t stretch like it ought to.  I stretch my mouth more than anything, yawning all day. Guess I never learned to breathe right. On Sunday, church lasts three hours, followed by choir practice, which leads to a lot more oscitating (write campaign joke). Tiredness isn’t what makes me want to get home though. Sometimes I can hardly wait to write about something I learned or some new insight into something I already knew. Writing makes things stick in my mind and heart longer. It’s also the thing I do to have fun and restore my enthusiasm for life.It’s not often what I get to do. My choice.
Rather than leaving church early, I’m usually the last out. If you missed that fact, choir is one of my causes. I’m the director. By the time I get home, I feel half-starved.  I snack and catch some z’s followed by a walk and real dinner, all to keep me healthy, before I attempt anything else. Wishing I could get to my blog earlier doesn’t make it a reasonable wish. Life is about choices. Since I choose to put God and family first, writing takes a backseat to staying healthy so I have the stamina to fulfill those responsibilities.
I have to detour here to say I hope I would serve others even if I wasn’t religious. Atheists and agnostics may not hear about serving others in church each week, but most learn it from family, friends, school, and other ways. I often see by their actions (referring to my extended family and friends) that they care for me, each other, and the world around them.  They demonstrate their ability to put others first even if they call it paying forward rather than the Golden Rule. “What goes around, comes around was how my mother in law explained the lesson everyone must learn to avoid being selfish. We all can do better.
Now back to writing for a cause. How can I make whatever small amount of time I devote to writing do more good for my causes? I hope my blogs about hurricane cleanups, volunteering in schools, Boy Scouts, etc. inspire someone else to pick a cause or two of their own to serve.  But I recently found another way than donating my time to help others. Now I can donate a portion of book proceeds to charitable causes through the organizationRead a Book, Make a Difference, or RABMAD.
R. S. Guthrie made this website to serve as showcase for authors who donate a portion of their book profits to their chosen cause, nonprofit, or charity. After Rob’s own son died of SIDS, he became involved with the local SIDS charity. Later, he began helping to earn tuition for the Down ’s syndrome and autistic son of a friend by donating a portion of his book sales. Rob got the RABMAD website up and running this month, and although I can’t join the effort by selling a book which isn’t published yet, I can sure blog, tweet and retweet @rsguthrie about it. If you don’t yet have a book to sell, I suggest you do likewise.  If you do have a book to sell, I hope you will join this group of authors. Now it’s your chance to make a difference!

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