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Yea! We have a winner for my 100 follower book giveaway. Congratulations Miki, an international entry. I sent you an email and you have 3 days to make your choice of Amazon gift card or Book Depository. I didn’t know about the last when I started the contest, but it ships internationally so I added that option. I’m also adding it to my chocolate follower contest for international entries.

I still have many boxes and drawers of my SF/fantasy books to give away, including MG/YA titles. My shelves can’t take the weight anymore. So I’m adding them to my chocolate followers’ contest. The US prize will now be up to $5 of chocolate AND a book or two (whatever I can fit in the priority envelope), winners choice on both from whatever books I have available and whatever chocolate I can buy at the local commissary (because it’s cheaper than other stores). You get more of what you love, and I get rid of more books!

You do not have to be a new follower to enter my chocolate contest, but you do have to be a follower. You can even enter again if you  didn’t win before. Comment and tell me which three or four older fantasy or SF books you want; that’s an entry. I don’t have many recent titles, and if you win and I don’t have your first choice titles, we’ll settle on others I do have. Each social media message you send is another entry.  Besides my contest, you can enter all the others below!


In addition, I’m going to check with the post office on bulk rates, so you may see a bunch of SF/fantasy books posted by title soon for a multiple winner contest. Check back often. I’d rather send them to my followers than sell at a garage sale.

I also won a book from a contest I forgot I entered. What went around, came around! Cool beans!

And now for the most awesome book contest I’ve seen, ever. I found it Saturday, but had my charity blog spot scheduled for Sunday. I thought by the time I wrote this blog, there would be a bazillion entries. Though there are 19 books up for grabs, there aren’t that many entries. Click on the picture to open the contest window, but don’t go there yet. There are lots more contests below.

One of the requirements is posting about the book you are most grateful for. I’ve blogged before about the book that hooked me on reading fantasy, The Fellowship of the Ring, and the one that hooked me on SF, I Robot. I haven’t mentioned the one I’m most grateful for.

Here goes, with some trepidation of hate comments to follow. I’m most grateful for the scriptures.

All of them, including The Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ. *cringes* Please don’t stone me.

Scripture historians know that everything bound together now inside one cover as the Old and New Testament is really a collection of writings voted on long after Christ’s death before being included. Few give credit to the scriptures found in America and bound together as The Book of Mormon as being of divine origin. Yet that book also talks of Christ, preaches of Christ, and is meant to be a companion scripture to the Bible. It does not replace the Bible, but it has advantages.

Please hear me out. The scriptures in the Bible that say no other scripture shall follow or that no more words should be added (such as Revelation 22:18) were not even part of the Bible at the time they were written. One of them isn’t at the end of the Bible even now. Each scripture must be taken in context to be interpreted correctly. That’s where the Book of Mormon helps, not having gone through a series of translations. It’s the most correct book of any scripture now available. If you don’t believe me, read it for yourself.  You can order one, free, by clicking this link. No contest or strings attached. Of course, you won’t find out whether it’s true unless you read it all and then pray about it.

I, along with every member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, nicknamed the Mormons, believe Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. So please don’t tell me I’m not a Christian because I believe God still speaks to men and women today through a living prophet. Please don’t tell me God decided we don’t deserve modern revelation or that following the same organization as the primitive church means we’re a cult. Don’t tell me we worship Joseph Smith unless you also claim Baptists worship John the Baptist and that Lutherans worship Martin Luther. We worship Christ.

If you want to research a certain brand car, do you go to their competitor to get the info? Not if you want the correct info. So if you want to know what Mormons believe, please ask a Mormon or go to or Or you can check my posts to see the time I devote to giving service to others because that’s what Christ asked of his followers.

I didn’t have any idea I was going to write all this until it happened. I couldn’t list anything else as being the book I’m most grateful for because it’s the scriptures that bring me to Christ. Enough said.

Now for all the other great book giveaway contests this week, a blog hop hosted by I am a Reader, not a Writer with a new linky list every Wednesday. You can either click the picture or go to the list on my sidebar to reach the current contests. Enjoy!


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  1. I answered. i’m so happy thanks you and it’s true bookdepository is really more easy for international followers ( and readers^^)

    thanks you again ^^

  2. I was about to enter the chocolate followers contest, but I am trying to avoid sweets.

    I have done some research awhile back. The verse I found the biggest challenge to LDS is Gal 1:8 “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!” The book of Mormon is in fact another gospel (“good news”) given to Joe Smith on golden plates inscribed by the angel Moroni.

  3. Thanks for the comment. You would have to read the book to see it is in fact the same gospel of Christ preached in a different location, just as Paul traveled in the old world to preach after Christ’s death, Jesus himself came to the Americas to preach to Israel’s descendants here, his other sheep. Although the angel Moroni delivered the book to Joseph Smith, he preached the same pure gospel of Christ as other ancient prophets who inscribed it on both continents. One is the stick of Judah, the other of Joseph.

    I went to other churches before the LDS church and heard the same misinterpreted warning, referring to those who deny Christ’s divinity and his role as our Savior. Again, go to the source. Once you read the book and pray about it, you will know.

    I appreciate your taking time to visit and hope you understand I don’t want to argue. I would much rather be friends like I am with many other non-Mormons. Religion makes no difference when someone needs help, we are all God’s children. Thanks!

  4. Love your informative blog on the Book of Mormon. History buffs and those who study the roots of the Bible know all too well that the Bible lost some of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through out the ages as it was translated and transcribed by man after man, after man . . . also, some of those transcribers were seeking power. So there are some incorrect translations. Scholars who study the Book of Mormon realize that it contains the FULLNESS of the Gospel as was given by Christ himself when he lived here upon the earth. It is not a new Church, it is the restoration of Christ’s own Church.

    Referring to Gal 1:8, The Gospel of Jesus Christ that is taught in the Book of Mormon is not “a gospel other than the one we preached to you,” it is Christ’s gospel. The only true Gospel shared by Christ himself upon the earth.

    The apostasy by man after Christ’s death destroyed much of the simple truths in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is what the “good news” is. The Gospel of Jesus Christ in it’s fullness is once again upon the earth.

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