Blog rope–I need more book reviewers!

This isn’t my first rodeo, but it sure feels it. Switching from Blogger to WordPress feels more like a goat rope than anything else. I’m butting heads with html by trying to make a transparent reading pane with menu titles visible against a dark background. Html is winning. I’d rather read a book, for sure. But I want to keep my content safe from redistribution for someone else’s profit. So I will eventually migrate my Blogger content to (If you’re a glutton for punishment, click here to see the gray titles and fake logo I haven’t figured out how to change.)

Please be patient, and I’ll be back to reviewing books as soon as possible. Want a peek?

I’m reading titles like Life in the Palace by Catherine Green,

  The Only Boy by Jordan Locke

and others I signed up to review for Kathy at

I also have Contact by Laurisa White Reyes, (not on Amazon yet so don’t try to buy it)

Countryside: The Book of the Wise by J. .T. Cope,

And Joosh’s Juice Bar: The Blue Banana Berry Adventure by Josh Gottsegen, to name a few.

To catch up, I spread my TBR pile among my blog partners. Unfortunately for authors, Paul R. Hewlett is in college, Vincent Noot just went on a mission trip out of country, Angie Bodine has limited internet in Germany, and I think Lauri Corkum is overhwhelmed with family visits, leaving me and a few new reviewers I recruited locally. They don’t blog, but I hope to teach them–someday. A couple aren’t old enough yet.

If you’re an author with a children’s book you want me to review, this post might give you a hint that it will be a while…unless you know a better WordPress theme with a transparent reading pane than DIVI. Or maybe you know a good blog designer who would trade for my editing and/or proofreading service? Of course, if you’re a reader who loves kid-lit, books for children up from age zero up through age 18, please volunteer! You get free blog training and free books in exchange for an honest review! Mothers with young children are especially welcome to include their families’ opinions.

Thanks for visiting, and please give me any advice you think might be helpful. I’ll very much appreciate it!

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