Blankety-blank page? Not mine.

Before Rachael Harrie’s campaign, I tried to blog once a week, but I often posted less during frequent flurries of family activities and disasters, not to mention writing my second book. With all the blog-hopping I’ve done since the campaign started, I realize once a week isn’t often enough to sustain an audience.  Weird fact: I have a hole in my head for every day of the week if I count my eyes, although maybe I should call them openings. I am not going to blog for each one.  I have a life. Really, I do.
On a once a week blog schedule, I didn’t often sit down to write without some idea of a subject. More often I had too many ideas running through my head that I couldn’t choose between.  I never considered  a schedule for set subjects to narrow my options.  Maybe that’s not such a bad idea. Still, thinking of how fast those calendar pages turn, the very idea gives me paper cuts.
Is twice a week enough? Could I think of something fresh to say three times a week?  To prevent myself from ever ending up with a blanket-blank page, I decided to visit Imagination Station & set a train schedule. It must be possible. This author did it. Can you guess who?

If you look close enough, you can see it’s J K Rowling’s Order of the Phoenix spreadsheet which I found on twitter thanks to @JonathanGunson. I bet JK does all her scheduling as well as she schedules her books. I can see by the arrows and crossed out parts that she adjusts as necessary. I take that as a sign it’s okay for me to adjust my schedule to whatever works best. So here is the plan.

Monday. Sunday is devoted to church, choir, and family, so if I blog then, it has to be for charity. And since I can’t get to it until late, it will likely end up as Monday’s post. Service Sunday on Monday may seem strange, but Monday is always a slew of chores unrelated to writing anyway, so that works for me. I may feature services to other writers like critiques or I may interview writers who volunteer their time to worthy causes or donate some of their book proceeds to charity, like those in RABMAD, Read a Book, Make a Difference.
This Sunday is an exception. Saturday night my husband complained that the cat had peed on our bed. I knew better. Furball doesn’t do such things. Somehow he manages to finds the cat door and let himself out at night, even if every day he meows until he finds someone to open the door for him. So when hubby got up in the middle of the night saying the waterbed was leaking, I thought, now the truth comes out. Yeah, yeah, I know waterbeds are so 70’s, but ours sure helped me sleep well. I have a bad back and I’m a very light sleeper. Anyway, hubby went to sleep elsewhere and I went back to sleep. The wet spot was on his side and—bonus—no snoring.
This morning we spent hours cleaning the mess, meaning hubby did the heavy lifting while I did the laundry.  Besides that we had hours of church and family stuff.  AT THE END OF THE DAY (I had to throw that in for the cliché cops) I remembered I hadn’t read and critiqued any Christmas stories for the, you guessed it, Christmas story contest yet. So I did my service, even if it’s not on my blog. You’re next.  I mean I’ll do something for you next, not that I’m sending Furball to pop your mattress.
Send me something, anything not R-rated anyway, to critique, and I will post it next week.  500 words max.  Even if you think your prose is perfect, it’s not.  Everyone can improve.  I have an eagle-eye for spelling and punctuation errors—anybody’s except my own, of course.  I also know where to draw the adverbial line. If you don’t know what I mean, you’re probablyoverdrawn. The same goes for repetition, saying the same thing over in slightly different ways. Oh, sorry for accidentally repeating.
If nobody sends something for me to critique before Saturday, I’ll post my own query for you to critique  on Service Sunday, or Mince Words Monday, whatever. It would serve me right.
Wednesday. Some writers have a Wordless or Mostly Wordless Wednesday. That makes sense because something short fits the middle of the workweek when more people are busy with their regular jobs.  Sigh. That’s when we need a bit of whimsy, wacky or weird. I may post a little humor or a pun, something to take your mind off the hum-drum, not too dumb-dumb. 
Friday will be a freebie of some sort.  Not for you, for me.  I will blog about whatever I want, from poetry to book reviews, from challenges to publishing news.  I refuse to get so chained to a schedule that I feel chained to a schedule. See repetition rule above and repeat after me, “I will not repeat.“  So that’s my plan and I doubt I’ll stick to it. You may get the idea I’m a seat of pants writer, and you would be right. I didn’t know the end of Imago Fly Away until I got there.  If you get stuck on a story idea and need suggestions, this would be the ideal time to ask.  Imagination, I have in plenty. So get your questions ready.

If you’re a new reader of my blog, there’s a chocolate follower contest tab up top. The contest renews every month. If you like what you read, please follow me through the contest. You might win chocolate to soothe your troubles.

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  1. It’s good to have time to worship and to give back in other ways. Good job.

  2. Sounds good to me! I also have a hard time with scheduling time for blog posts. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!! 🙂

  3. Hey, Sher! Thanks for commenting on my blog! It’s great to meet you!

    I used to blog whenever something came to my mind. But then, like you, I decided to set a schedule so readers would know when to expect a post. Because my posts are lengthy, I have chosen to blog once a week, on Thursday evenings. It’s worked out well – and sometimes I even get the week’s post done and saved before Thursday!

    Thanks again!

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