Alligators and Ancestors

I’m not against hunting if it’s done within the law. Those lotteries are geared to keep the animal population healthy and in balance with other populations, including ours. Though I can’t say I’m thrilled with the prospect of alligator meat filling my freezer, life is too short to let the small stuff bother me. However, my nose objects. Alligator meat stinks bad enough. Whew! get a whiff of that hide. It’s enough to tan my own skin.

On the sweet-smelling side, I hooked up a printer that will allow me to print pages on both sides without turning the pages over. I printed three chapters of my book for a reviewer in less time than it took to print one chapter on my old printer. And this evening I went to a genealogy class at church and found a few ancestors. That’s the balance of my life. Better to not write than ignore other more important things. Kiss the hubby, buy the paint, sign the school papers, attend church and Scout meetings, and wash that stinky alligator hunt laundry. Lets not forget to cook that alligator meat. The last two smell the same to me. Do you suppose the gators are glad to meet their ancestors?

If anybody happens to wander by this old post and sees the game below, please comment to let me know if you like it. I doubt I’ll have time to play. If I did have time, I would rather write.

Cheetah Online Games – Free new online games AV Arcade

Cheetah Online Games – Free new online games AV Arcade

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