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So I came across a great person who just happens to have a great blog through a really good friend of mine. What is he talking about you ask? Hi, everyone. Paul here today. Okay, I know, a little more detail is necessary. I have an author friend, Paulette Mahurin, who not only is a great author, but donates all the proceeds from her books to support no-kill animal shelters. As many of you might know, I adopted a senior rescue dog, JoJo. While we lost JoJo last summer, the joy and love he gave (and still gives with his memories) go on. I could not think of a more noble cause than the one Paulette has undertaken.

So, back to my story, Paulette has a friend named Charity Martinez. Paulette put us in touch with one another, and I was delighted to discover that Charity and her four daughters have the most amazing book blog: 5 Girls Book Reviews. I won’t try to tell you all about it (I’ll let Charity do that), but I will tell you that it is quite difficult to find quality sites promoting children’s books. Well, I am proud to tell you that 5 Girls Book Reviews is one. Here it is directly from Charity:

It all started with a mom and 4 daughters that love to read. Mom noticed how many books the girls were going through and it was hard to keep up with giving them more to read that would intrigue and satisfy their cravings for imaginary worlds and characters. That’s when our blog “5 Girls Book Reviews” was created. Our blog can be found at 5girlsbookreviews.blogspot.com

Hi, my name is Charity and I am the mother to 4 beautiful daughters, their names are: Arianna, Angel, Michaela, and Angelina. I also have an amazing husband and 2 beautiful golden retrievers that show us all unconditional love. I also had the crazy idea of homeschooling 4 kids, now that is beyond crazy, however, even on the roughest days, I love to see the moment on their face when the lightbulb clicks and they understand something. I don’t educate my children according to common core, we have fun and they love to learn.

Additional information about me is that I am currently in college earning my teaching degree, I write creative writing lesson plans for a popular homeschool website, I have 2 blogs, one is the one mentioned here and the other is a homeschool blog. On the homeschool blog, I also do product reviews for companies to help moms that don’t have time to shop to learn about new products on the market. That blog can be found at: mtzhomeschoolmadness.blogspot.com and I also have a Facebook page that I would love for new faces to follow and like at “MTZ Homeschool Madness.”  I love God, and I love my crazy hectic life! Oh, and we are in the process of building our dream house too! I’m one busy woman!

Angel is the oldest child by 1 month and 1 day, and she loves ghost stories and fractured fairy tales. She is independent, but very stubborn. She loves to swim and play basketball. Angel was one of the kids that didn’t like to read until three years ago when she came to live with us, and now she loves to read! She can finish between 2-4 books a week depending on the size. Angel wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Arianna is the second oldest, and this girl was born with a book in her hands! She started reading at the age of 3 and hasn’t stopped since. She is really into sci-fi, magical stories,princesses, etc. She will basically read anything as long as it hooks her from the beginning! She can read up to 10 books a week depending on the size. She has a way with words as well, and I’m impressed with every review she does, but beware, it is very difficult to get a 5 star review from her! So if you are up for a challenge, you can ask to have her review your books! Arianna plays club volleyball and she loves to go fishing. She is the backbone of her sisters. Arianna wants to be a vet when she grows up, and she currently is taking some college level veterinary classes, remember, she is only 12!

Michaela came next, she just turned 11, and she is the lover of the family. She loves books that have to do with cooking, cupcakes, divas, magical worlds, etc. She gets ahead of herself sometimes, but comes up with some of the best ideas I have ever heard in my life! She is going to have a bright future and she wants to be a lawyer and either the first woman president or a member of the House. She has the argumentative skills to obtain all of those positions, but she wants to make a difference in the world! Michaela can read between 5-8 books a week depending on the size. Also, if Michaela doesn’t get hooked within the first couple pages of a book, she will pass it on to someone else.

Now the baby, Angelina, she likes to read, but isn’t to the point of loving to read like her sisters. However, she loves any books that have to do with girls around her age, animals, and fancy diva books. Those are her favorites, but she will really read anything as long as mama gives it to her. She is the clown of the family and can put a smile on anyone’s face even if they are having a horrible day. She is definitely a daddy’s girl, but loves her mommy too. She can read up to 4 books a week, depending on the size and her focus!

Okay, now back to how our blog started. My girls LOVE to read, they can go through 500 page books in 2 days, and you can imagine how many books that is a year! I researched and found that there are not many children who write book reviews for publishers/authors and so that’s where we came in. The 4 girls read the books sent to us, many before they even hit the shelves, and give their honest opinion and feedback on a book. After all, it’s hard for kids to be dishonest, that’s where the famous phrase “from the mouth of babes” comes in. We have a large list of books to review, and I write down the publishing dates so that we can try to get reviews out right before books are published, however, we do take requests if an author needs a book done right away!

We currently only accept the following genres: children’s, picture books, middle-grade, young adult, kids nonfiction, crafting, and anything else that is directed at the younger generation. We currently live in a generation of kids that don’t like to read, they would rather be playing on electronics than feeding their brain, and the goal of our blog is to help parents/teachers/anyone else read about books reviewed by kids and find ones that their children might like to read based on our reviews. We have a 5 star system, with 5 being the best. The girls also recommend what ages they think would like the books we review.

The girls like to write interview questions for the authors of the books they read. Not every author agrees to being interviewed, but I believe it is a great skill for the girls so they can practice their writing skills and sometimes they get very imaginative with the questions they ask.

The main thing of this blog is that I want my girls to be excited about reading and have others, besides my husband and I, that support them in this endeavor. They all get so excited everyday when we get new review requests and when they see the page views rising. I want to thank everyone that continues to motivate them and encourage them with their reading and, sometimes, writing skills.

Don’t forget, you can request whoever you want to review your book. Just note it in your request! You can do this by emailing us at: 5girlsbookreviews@gmail.com


Thank you and please follow our blog by clicking the follow button! We need more followers because even though we have lots of page views, we don’t have a lot of followers which hinders the girls getting books to review from some big time authors/publishers! We also have a FAcebook page and if you would “like” that page as well we would be very appreciative. That page can be found at: “5 Girls Book Reviews”.
Thank you all and I hope you enjoyed learning more about us!


How great is that?! I too, support getting children to read. Please stop by the girl’s site and follow. I’m certain you will find many informative reviews as well as some great books to read. Leave the girls a comment, and tell the how great of a job they are doing. Until next time, be careful what you wish for…


Paul R. Hewlett

Paul R. Hewlett is the author of the Lionel's Grand Adventure Series, beginning chapter books for children. He is also the co-author of the kidlit blog Sher A. Hart: Written Art. His debut book, Lionel and the Golden Rule, was released in December of 2011. He released his second book, Lionel's Christmas Adventure, in November of 2012. You can learn more about Paul and his books at his website: paulrhewlett.weebly.com.

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