100 Follower Book and Critique Giveaway

100 Follower Book Giveaway (ends 10/31):
I’m still rejoicing over my 100 blog followers. Woot! This calls for a book giveaway.  I have a ton of used fantasy/sf books waiting for a new home. If you have a favorite SF/fantasy author/ title you’re looking for and don’t mind a used book, please say so in your comment. The winner can even have as many as 4 of my used books if they fit in one priority envelope (US shipping only). Most of mine are trade size. If I don’t have your choices, I will order them up to $10 including shipping, most likely 3 used books. If you prefer e-books, same $10 limit. Nothing adult rated. If you want a new book over $10 and/or don’t live in the US, you can choose the gift card option and apply it to your purchase. Here’s a photo of one box, a small sample of what I’ve read over the years.

Book Giveaway Instructions: For one entry, leave a comment stating:
1. your email address (in case you win)
2. your choice of 2-4 used paperbacks or new by author/title up to $10 including shipping. If you win I will send pictures of the books you chose if I happen to have them so you can decide between mine and online bookstore or gift card options.
3. if you only want the gift card option, say so, plus whether it’s because you don’t live in the US.
4. Optional: for extra entries post this giveaway on social media such as twitter, Facebook or Google+ , 1 point each (tell me your point total)

Here’s another photo of one of my drawers of book series. I’m done waiting to collect whole series of adult SF/Fantasy because now I read what I write, middle grade and YA. Again, the winner can choose as many of a series as will fit in one priority envelope unless you’re willing to pay extra shipping.  I have 4 drawers like this of authors from Anthony to Zelasny minus what I sold, plus one full box of Andre Norton’s titles.

Critique Giveaway (ends 10/15):
I couldn’t help but notice there were no takers for critiquing my query post, so far. I had an idea. The query was already connected with 100 followers in my head, so why not on my follower giveaway? What if I added a critique prize to reward those who help me get my query into submission shape? No sooner thought than done. I have years of critique group experience and an eagle-eye for typos, except my own. There will be two critique winners, one by random drawing and another for most helpful critique overall. I’m offering both winners their choice of:

1.10 page standard format (times roman double space 12 font) manuscript critique or
2. One single page query critique and 2 page single space synopsis critique

Critique Giveaway Instructions: Simply click here to go to my query post and leave:
1. your email address (in case you win)
2. a helpful comment/criticism. Each helpful suggestion gets you another entry. They don’t have to be in separate comments.  Limit 5 entries for random drawing. Impress me enough and you could win for the most helpful critique.

This contest will end on 10/15, midnight, US central time.

If you’re new to my blog, there’s a chocolate contest tab at the top of my blog for followers. The winner receives their choice of chocolate or gift card. This contest renews every month and previous followers who didn’t yet win can re-enter by spreading the word on their blogs or social media.

When you’re all done entering my contests , blog hop to all the other book giveaway contests this month. Either click the picture below to add your contest or enter each giveaway on the list from my sidebar. 

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  1. What a cool idea! I may just steal it. I’m moving back to England in a month and a half and have some paperbacks to offload too. I’m not paying shipping costs to take them over the pond when I’ve already read them.

    So I will not enter this competition and give myself even more to get rid of. 🙂

  2. I’ll take anything! I’d love to have Miss Peregrine’s Home, if you still have it. What an amazing collection of books you’ve accumulated! I write MG sci fi–so any science fiction or mg would be really useful (I don’t generally like paranormal). I can’t tell if you have anything left, but I live in the US.

  3. I’d also like to enter for the gift card since i don’t live in the US. Thanks so much.

    GFC jennifer

    twitter @jlkalman26

    jlkalman26 at gmail dot com

  4. Good idea to get rid of some books.

    I am an International entry so I would probably do best with the GC.

    Please enter me.


    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  5. I would like to be entered for the gift card ( or a book from bookdepository) since i’m international

    thanks for the giveaway


  6. I’ll follow you even though I won’t win since I don’t live in the U.S.A and therefore can never win the chocolate contest either. Damn!

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